The President of Vodevolution, Alessandro Uggeri, has decided to update his guidelines with respect to smart working: employees will only be able to go to the office 15 days a year.

There are companies that consider smart working a moment, a fashion destined to close quickly. Instead, Vodevolution deeply believes in agile work to make it its modus operandi.


Vodevolution, born from the idea of ​​making OTT channels usable at all levels, has decided to update its guidelines with respect to smart working. To the delight of its employees, who will be able to work from home for most of the year.


“The Covid-19 pandemic has brought out new needs for work, especially for those jobs that, like ours, have a strong digital charge. A change is therefore necessary for the good of the employees ", says the President of Vodevolution.


Vodevolution employees are already organizing to work in atypical Latin: high mountains, Caribbean seas ...


The decision taken by Vodevolution was born after a long analysis of the market and employee preferences, but above all after having verified following field tests, that none of the deliveries were missed: everything works as always at 100%.


Given these data, Vodevolution has also decided to leave individual employees free to manage their work from home independently. However, everything is always managed by the reference project manager. The concept of work has totally changed, at least in Vodevolution: office meetings will be the exception.


Good job everyone, wherever you are.

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