Discover Temporary Streaming

It is your private channel with a reduced cost and rented only for the time you need. Its structure is based on our OTT [E-VOD 2.0] technology which will allow you to broadcast any video content Live.

Dedicated Streaming Channel

The first option that we propose for your Live is the activation of a Dedicated Streaming Channel. It takes advantage of the OTT E-Vod 2.0 technology and allows you to create your own virtual space completely controlled by you.



  • Our team will take care of every technical need for its configuration. You just have to tell us which domain to connect ...
  • Our template is fully responsive and allows you to activate one or more streams even simultaneously.
  • The activation times of the channel vary from 2 to 7 days depending on the graphic needs required for its customization.
  • Your streaming channel can in fact be customized in colors, logos, fonts, banners, texts, domain!
Streaming Profile

The second option that can be activated is the activation of a custom profile on Temporarystreaming.com. It will allow you to have your own area where you can bring your users and show them your streaming content.


  • This option can be activated in 2 hours.
  • It will be completely configured by our team by placing your logo on a banner, and creating a direct link that you can give to your users.
  • The streaming products will then be configured and linked to your profile


We will take care of everything from the first moment!

Why choosing Temporary Streaming Service!
  • Fully customizable profile and / or channel
  • Recording user data and analysis of their views in compliance with the GDPR regulation
  • Downloadable content after live streaming directly from the channel
  • Adaptive streaming to all devices and browsers: allow everyone to see your LIve at excellent quality!
  • Analysis of user behavior in real time (Google Analytics, Hotjar, ...)
  • Payment system activation for the event sale (Braintree, PayPal, Credit Cards)
  • 24/7 support with dedicated staff throughout the duration of your streaming
  • Immediacy of the message given by a video that speaks to an unlimited number of people in real time
  • No infrastructure costs: use us to provide you with the infrastructure and assistance that will allow you to communicate with everyone in real time.
Use cases for Temporary Streaming
  • Use cases for Temporarystreaming.com!
  • Investor Relations: Extend the reach and quality of corporate and financial communications.
  • Internal Communications: Deliver business-critical business messages with high impact.
  • Marketing: Engage with prospects at every stage of the sales process and gain analytics from sign-up, real-time and on-demand engagement, and surveys.
  • Sales: Conduct online sales demos, sales campaigns, kick-offs, and pipeline updates. Share sales information with your global sales force.
  • Product launches: educate, demonstrate and promote product awareness. Communicate new product versions.
  • Human resources and training: Offer training programs to teams distributed around the world, attract talent and free time for human resources by organizing online recruitment days and placement activities.
Sectors concerned
  • Financial sector
  • Corporate and business
  • Educational and institutional
  • Publishing
  • Agencies
  • Government and non-profit
  • Religious
Main Features

Video recordings

Do you want to keep event recordings and make them available to your users on demand? With Temporary Streaming it is possible within 4 hours from the end of the event. Users will also be able to download the entire video file as per your need.


Secure streaming

All our streams are encrypted and geo-blocked at the request of our customers. You can decide the countries in which it will be available and the level of protection.


Dynamic streaming

Avoid frustrating video buffering for your attendees. Temporary Streaming takes advantage of the OTT E-VOD 2.0 technology and automatically selects the optimal video size based on the Internet connection available for each specific device.


Live content distribution

Share your content live with multiple channels, including broadcasters, media groups and social networks. Our IP-based technology allows you to share streaming within other digital facilities, as well as your dedicated channel / profile on Temporary Streaming.

Grow your audience… everywhere!

Engage followers, customers or employees around the world, wherever they look. Stream easily from any place and device, to social media platforms, to your dedicated channel.


Organize stellar events and thrive your streaming business with Temporarystreaming.com.

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