We are the evolution of VOD


Vodevolution’s adventure started in 2012, in the heart of the Swiss mountains. We were one of the first companies to offer this kind of services and we had to meet the needs of and audiovisual market that was witnessing an increasing surplus of contents, which were not purchased by broadcasters.


Distributors couldn’t make their products known by relying on traditional methods anymore. Contents were viewed more and more on the web!


Our first business customers needed an extremely secure and fast service that could help them get to the media buyers quickly.


The next version allowed these same distributors to become content aggregators and to immediately monetize by activating their own On Demand channel, where they could sell single videos or subscriptions.


Our structure and its services have allowed a different monetization of contents which would have remained unused in some databases otherwise.


Producers, Aggregators and Distributors of video contents found themselves owning unprofitable productions. With its features and economies of scale, Vodevolution allowed them to monetize faster and differently with their own Web-Tv / IPTV, now OTT (Over-The-Top) platform.


In 2015, thanks to the goals achieved in the previous years, we made our first agreements with major international distributors who opened their own VOD/OTT channel (i.e.: services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video).


This paved the way for several local and international TVs and Radios that are now using our downloading and live streaming solutions, which are designed to monetize contents through direct selling (TVOD), subscription (SVOD) and/or through advertising banners and pre-roll (AVOD).


In 2017, Corporate TVs took off – not only as monothematic channels for companies but also as private online courses for employees, Universities, distance-learning and e-learning. (Look how easy it is to create a Corporate Tv with our VOD)


In the following years, the preexisting services were highly updated to offer customized solutions and to ensure that the VOD system could be used in different ways, such as TVOD, SVOD and AVOD.

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