Subscription & Transactional Video On Demand

Multiple Monetization

All systems in one place! Find out how to reach any market niche quickly, efficiently and directly. You can choose to activate one channel for each monetization method or all two at once.


  • TVOD: Single transactions for an audience that likes to buy and see specific contents!
  • SVOD: Great for Producers/Aggregators who have large content libraries to monetize!
Content Protection!

Our video segmentation system prevents the user from fraudulently downloading videos and sharing them over the network. Each video is divided into thousands of small files that only our player can put in order and show to authorized users. This system is included in our solution and has no additional cost.

Contents Geoblocking

Each video can be shown or not in certain continents or individual countries.


Our CMS can be connected automatically and without further work on your part to all the existing applications:


iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Android Smart-Tv, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Windows App, Playstation and many others…

Built-in payment systems

The way your customers pay is important. In order to give you the utmost reliability and precision, we have chosen these partners: PayPal, Epoch, Brantree and Yandex.

Our modular OTT / Video-On-Demand platform allows you to monetize your contents immediately and by yourself.

Cloud Encoding

There’s no file we can’t optimize: Full HD, 4K, mp4 or mov – Once it’s uploaded, our system will automatically encode it in various formats and make it compatible with multiple devices and browsers.


We think that it should be up to our clients to decide how the Vodevolution platform’s different levels of customization should interact. Logo, text, banners, colors and fonts are totally in your hands, allowing you to create a unique OTT channel.

Launch with us your own OTT Video On Demand Platform!
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