How to create Screenshots for Google Play


You can upload 8 PNG or JPEG screenshots. Games require no less than 3 horizontal screens to access game lists. 

The Google Play app screenshot size must be no less than 320 pixels or more than 3840 pixels.

On Google Play, you can upload screenshots for all devices, even if the app is mobile only. This is useful because Google Play shows all screenshots and users can install the app through the web version as well.

This makes it easier for users to select an app based on the device they have.


Google Play screenshot size:


There are no strict specifications for every screen size. Instead, Google divides the screenshots by device type and recommends a range of sizes. This simplifies the posting process (there's no moderation) but makes it harder to keep track of how screenshots look on different screens.


Device type:


  • Smartphone
  • 7 inch tablet
  • 10 inch tablet
  • Android TV
  • Screenshot size: 320 - 3840 pixels


We recommend the following measures:


1080 x 1920
2000 x 1300


And the following proportions:

2: 1 portrait
16: 9 landscape


Google Play video requirements:

You can only use one video on Google Play, which will be placed before the screenshots. It's always landscape view, and unlike the App Store, Google Play allows developers to add promotional materials. Videos must be 15-30 seconds long.



The key difference in the Play Store in 2020 is the automatic playback of videos. Similar to the App Store, the video plays automatically without audio. If you open full screen mode, the video will open on YouTube when you walk away from the app. Also, it will take a few moments for the video to start playing. For this reason, it is essential to develop the thumbnail in such a way that the button does not cover the logo and the call to action.



Learn more about the Google Play Console.

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