Choose the best Strategy and the right Partner.


You can build your own VOD site by choosing the right video on demand solution, that helps to launch your own site very fast!

Things can change in a short time, that’s why you need to choose a scalable all-in-one solution.

These are the things you should know before beginning:


. Area of Interest
Which countries you want to promote your OTT channel 


. Number of Contents
How many videos it’s going to start witw? Full HD and/or 4K


. Number of users
Of course this is not mandatory, but it’s important to have an idea about how many users could subscribe or simply watch your channel


. Which applications
How many and which applications you want to begin with? It’s a channel just for smartphones, or you need to be on Tv too?


It’s very important to know already which kind of business model you have selected.
If you have all answers, than we can start. Vodevolution has a complete video on demand solution that acts as a ready-made video broadcasting and management solution to promote the video content over the internet across all devices in a secured manner.It supports in providing all that you need and gives an uncompromising video experience on both web, mobile, smartTv, Roku and Apple TV. Our solution comes with a power packed of features, that covers almost all the things that clearly meets in fulfilling your business needs.


Which is the next step? Manage the contents!!

A back-end without any complexity is an important feature that we offer. Reading a huge technical specification book is not really a good start. We have solved this issue in these ways: 


  • Fast and easy-to-undestand tutorials 
  • A back-end translated in the client original language 
  • A support always available to help our clients by phone, email, chat


Now that you have activated your OTT channel, you have to promote and monetize! Monetization depends from the strategies you have previously selected: AVOD - SVOD - TVOD.

Advertising Video On Demand is based on the ads like banners, pre-roll, middle-roll and end-roll. It’s free for all users, that have to watch your ads before the main content. This strategy can have a second chance to monetize: activating a premium area where only subscribers can watch the contents inside. Then the AVOD will upgrade in Freemium. MediasetPlay and TecaTv are AVOD.

Netflix, Rakuten, Infinity and MediasetItalia are all SVOD platforms. Every user has to pay a monthly subscription before watching.

Purefilms, TheFilmClub and Purefights are TVOD: every single content needs to be purchased. This strategy has 3 different selling options: rent for a definite amount of hours, est rent which means buy the movies forever and watch it in streaming only on the channel, and download the file in different formats.


The big challenge: generate revenue monetizing your contents!

There isn’t a trick or a magic strategy to make revenues, you need to work on it… hardly. But we can help your efforts with some important features included into our OTT system:


In order to let the search engines to read and find your channel, it’s important to add all description to pages, products and images. Our platform has all necessary setup to let you do that in the best way.


Add you Google, Facebook and Hotjar (e.g.) pixel that can help you to understand more your ads campaign and save money!


Google Analytics is the best system to analyze your data, users habits, bounce rate and more […]


An automatic feature that transform your channel page into a ads optimized page to land your campaign on.


If you want to monetize, you need to collect your channel sales by a fast gateway. These are our partners: PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Epoch and more.

Wherever project you have in your mind, Vodevolution can support your idea from the beginning.

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