Does it work with every device?

Of course it does! Our control panel (CMS) can be automatically read by any application or device you want to include. Every change made to a text and/or video product will be immediately displayed on every device. The line between your back-end management system and the applications is straightforward!


How often do you update your system?

Whether or not stores like Apple or Google request it, we constantly update every feature of our CMS system and our Player. Our job is to keep the Vodevolution system constantly updated, in order to guarantee our customers the best possible performance with a fair investment.


Can I select specific applications?

Yes, of course. You are the one to choose how to configure your OTT channel. You just need to tell us which applications (devices) you want to activate. E.g: An OTT channel could just activate the application for Smart TVs or Apple TVs, without even having a responsive Desktop version.


Which areas are covered by your CDN?

All the world. We have several partners (i.e.: Amazon S3) and we can guarantee your customers the best user experience, even in regions like Asia, India and Africa.


What’s the Storage limit?

The are no limits. We can increase the space dedicated to your channel at any time.


Can I manage my contents by myself?

With Vodevolution you’ll be completely independent. You can upload/edit/manage texts, images and videos through the control panel. Anyway, our Team will be always available to help you configure your white-label channel in the best possible way.


Proceed to configure your OTT / VOD system we will contact you immediately!

Tell us what you need and we will give you the best solution!

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