How to make your contents more visible!

Festival On-Demand!

Get more funds by activating a premium OTT with Vodevolution and allow your festival participants to watch movies, shorts and documentaries.

Responsive Template

Thanks to our Template created to adapt to any device, your channel will be available on: iOS and Android Smartphone and Tablet, Smart TV, Desktop, Laptop.

From the moment of activation your channel will reach any internet connected user!

Template Features
  • Header and Footer customization
  • Banners customization
  • Adding your logo
  • Automatic activation Languages
  • Content search area for keywords, title, actor, director
  • Product page with the possibility of renting, purchasing or downloading the content
  • Adaptability to all devices
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Perfectly indexable in search engines!
Manage everything from a Back-End!

These are some of the features:

  • User data and preferences
  • Consumption CDN + Storage
  • Content Uploads
  • Synchronization with all activated Devices
  • Vide Commercials (Pre-middle-end roll only for AVOD)
  • Purchase orders (in the case of an SVOD / TVOD)
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Contents Geo-Block
  • Activation and Deactivation of videos
  • Custom promotional Coupons
Subscription, Rental or Advertising!

A subscription, rental or ad-funded system such as youtube (for instance) would allow your audience to watch the movies in the competition, to vote or simply to enjoy them even if they are not physically present.

Your Brand on Top Position!

Our OTT system could allow you to keep the Festival brand constantly up and running: your videos will always be available online for members only.

  • Our system is white label, i.e. it can be customized by you directly.
  • Its use is really simple, it doesn't need any technical knowledge.
  • You can advertise your brand and, more importantly, all your artists’ work throughout the year and more!

Our OTT technology is at your service to guide your company into the future!