For an overall management of your company communications!


Corporate TV is a new type of IPTV/WebTv created specifically for Companies as a direct channel to empower communications. It is much more dynamic compared to the traditional linear TV channels, since it’s able to adapt itself to specific environments.

This solution can be used by any Company, whose target it is to empower communication between their employees, suppliers and partners, and involve clients.


Internal use - Live Events, Corporates, Tutorials, Information useful for daily activities, product specifications, procedures, Information regarding the Company and organization and updating courses.


External use - Live events, fairs, assemblies, conventions, information about products, news, showcases, promotional videos, tutorials, videos for entertainment.


Corporate TV enables:

Creating your own channel and communicating with your own target.

Broadcasting particularly important events, both LIVE streaming and on demand (meetings, press conferences, fairs and assemblies).

Communicating with your partners, resellers and other offices and interlocutors using videos, they can watch anytime and everywhere.

Involving employees at all levels.

Managing all your digital assets.

Delivering video contents onto all types of devices (Smartphones, Tablet, Chromecast, Apple TV, SmartTv, Roku).

Organizing remote training using your e-learning training channel.

Disseminating Company culture, strategies, results achieved and initiatives undertaken.


Corporate TV communicates directly at the sale, eliminating in this way, the gap of time and distance between the advertisement and the advertised product.


Therefore, the corporate TV service not only reinforces brand perception, but also helps in reducing the perception of waiting time in Customer Service locations, which helps in reinforcing a positive audience experience.


Direct benefits:


Cost-cutting - Information is transmitted simultaneously onto the various digital channels in real time.

Universal distribution - delivery onto PC, Smartphone, Tablet and STB.

Centralized management - a sole platform for managing indoor and outdoor communication in the same way.

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