Strong & Secured Network!

30 Tbps+ network stretching over 6 continents that can easily handle large volume traffic and unexpected peaks.


  • 4,000,000+ HTTP requests processed every second
  • Each server equipped with at least 4 × 10 GE interface
  • 160,000 requests/sec on DNS servers
  • 95% average cache HIT ratio
  • 2,200,000,000+ files in cache
Real-time Traffic Analysis

Our E-CDN network is built upon advanced routing systems with an algorithm based on network latency to destination networks. The network routing is optimized daily using data from real-time packet inspection and AI-based anomaly detection system.


Our routing has proven to be faster and more reliable than anycast routing used by most CDNs.

DoS/DDoS Mitigation

Successful mitigation in under 10s

Our 30 Tbps+ strong network is designed to absorb attacks multiple times bigger than the largest attack in history ever recorded. With 24/7 IP traffic monitoring, we detect and effectively block attacks in under 10 seconds while ensuring a smooth uninterrupted running of your service.

Advanced DDoS protection & security

E-CDN has Hurricane DDoS solution based on DPDK. With 24/7 IP traffic monitoring, attacks are detected and effectively blocked in under 10 seconds.

Default security mechanism includes content protection and access management features such as TLS 1.3, Secure Token, GEO/IP blocking, hotlink protection, etc.


  • Automatic detection & blocking
  • Content protection & Access management
  • Let’s Encrypt integration
Our E-Technology is here to help you!
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