From the Middle East to the US OTT channels as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Rakuten and Thefilmclub have come to the aid of the film industry, which has had to close due to the global pandemic. 

The new on-demand "film replacement" offer in collaboration with distributors to bring new films to subscribers before they hit theaters has created a new trend, which we believe will be difficult to bring back. Perhaps the old system that put the beginning of the chain of cinemas, has he finally retired now that people have become accustomed to watching Premiere movies comfortably from the couch?


Pay TV services said that with cinemas closed, the initiative made it possible to immediately offer new films to customers, allowing viewers to watch films that would not otherwise have been available for months. Thus allowing producers to monetize their products through a new and different system. In this incredibly difficult time, we know that people and families are looking for inspiration, a slight relief and something positive to entertain long quarantine days.


OTTs have proven to be a solution, a new method of monetization and in our opinion the future of cinema.

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