Advertising Video On Demand

Your Own Private Tube!
Keep 100% of Revenue, getting Ads From your own network.
The Easiest to Use, Integrated AVOD Platform

Vodevolution Ad Server lets you host and deliver multi format Ads (banners, pre-middle-post roll) to your websites and applications. Manage your Ads in one place and promote all your partners/clients to a target audience with the highest user engagement and solid ad revenue.

Show Good Ads & Monetize More!

Grow your Ad revenue by hosting ads on Vodevolution Ad Server. Manage your Ads list with ads of different formats and schedule them all with our automated Ad distribution. You have the complete control of your contents from ad insertion/uploading to delivery. Push the best Ads to make more revenues!


All Gain is for Your Company!

All revenues are for you, running your AVOD you can keep all incoming: there are no percentages for third parties. With low technology cost and owning your personalized ad server to run high-viewability ad campaigns, you can start up your OTT/AVOD channel in few days with us!

Assistance 24/7

Both the system and the servers are always under our full control. It is a "must" for us to guarantee to our customers timely interventions for the resolution of any technical problem.

Our team will also follow you step by step during the channel set-up phase, showing you the best solutions, which to better manage each of its features with.

AVOD Main Features:
  • Supports all Ad formats (videos, banners, animated gifs)
  • Integration with Google Adsense
  • Integrations on request with third party systems (Division-d, Adbutler, Adapex ...)
  • Ad Management from the same Control Panel
  • Dynamic Ad placement
  • Automated Ad scheduling
  • Multiple Ads by content and / or category
  • Ad geo-block (region / nation / continent)
  • Ad serving to multiple devices
  • Automated video encoding
  • Integrated reports and analysis
  • Assistance 24/7
Begin Your AVOD with us!
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